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About Us

We are three sisters, obsessed with beautiful things, far flung places, cakes, colourful stationery and campervans. Most of all, though, we LOVE food! Whether it be talking about it, creating it, reading about it or tasting it, we never tire of the stuff.

Having started our careers in ‘grown up’ office jobs, we have gradually all escaped the shackles of our soulless desk jobs and found our way into the helter skelter world of the hospitality industry. Nichola working as a pastry chef, Linsey cooking in chalets in the alps, and Gillian, front of house, waiting tables and assisting in the running one of Glasgow’s best brunch spots.

Along the way, we found time to pursue our passion for food all over the world, experiencing mouth watering pastries in France, the velvetiest of lattes in Melbourne, unbeatable French toast in New York and intoxicating wines in New Zealand. And, of course, the best and sweetest tablet in the world in our Granny’s sweet shop in Kirriemuir (obviously, we stole the recipe when she wasn’t looking).

When we decided to open our very own food business, we made it our mission to channel our favourite flavours, ideas and dishes from around the world into whatever we did. Our underlying philosophy was to ‘delight the senses’. From sourcing ingredients, designing our menu, or selecting gifts for our craft boutique, we decided that unless it passed our rigorous taste, touch, smell, sight and sound test, it wouldn’t be allowed on our menu or in our boutique.

After months and years in the making, we are confident that we have created a place that truly will delight the senses and which we hope will provide fun, frivolity and creative inspiration for all of our customers, new and old, local or alien, big or small.

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