Sharon + Colin


Sharon & Colin


Killearn Village Hall

This really is the Autumnal wedding to end all Autumnal weddings. The brief was Autumnal Hunting Lodge. And Lemonbox Studios were tasked with making that brief a reality. So feast your eyes on the crisp but warm, lavish but sooooo laid back way in which they brought Sharon and Colin’s vision to life

There were candles elegantly flickering on every surface Burnt orange leaves rubbing shoulders with vivid red berries. We served hot chocolate and mulled wine following the ceremony. The evening buffet was a sausage roll feast (we’re talking six flavours of sausage roll!). And there was love and fun so rich that the hall really did just fill up with a visible happiness. We loved every minute and could relive this day ‘at work’ again and again. This was 2015 but we could still describe every detail. This is why we love your weddings.