Gillian & Alastair


Killearn Village Hall

WOW. Flicking through these images, by One Big Picture Photography, capturing Gillian and Alastair’s wedding day with us at Killeran Village Hall, has catapulted me to a vivid, vibrant place. I can’t stop smiling! Everything about Gillian and Alastair’s day was so happy, so carefree, full of LOVE, and excitement. I don’t exaggerate when I say I want to do a Mary Poppins chalk drawing style jump in to these scenes and be there mingling with their overjoyed guests and taking in the display of popping colours. Killearn Village Hall was their easel for a rainbow bright day- from the stunning bouquets and floral displays, to the cake table (possibly the most vivid we’ve ever put together!), everything was packed full of colour. The blue door belonging to our neighbours at the Killearn Kirk leant itself so beautifully to the theme of Gillian and Alastair’s wedding. We couldn’t be happier that these two chose to hold their wedding with us, it truly was such an honour to be part of this incredibly special day.