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Crafty Play Cafe

What: Crafty Play Cafe
Where: Quarriers Villlage Cafe
When: Every Tuesday
Times: 10am-11.45am; 12pm-1.45pm; 2pm-3.45pm
Cost: Free entry; £2 for kids craft pack (optional).

Book now on 0333 344 7344

Sick of Softplay?

For almost as long as we’ve had our Quarriers Village café we have been wracking our brains to think of ways to make it easier for parents and grandparents to enjoy a more relaxing lunch or coffee and cake with wee ones in tow. Under 5’s are not known for their long attention spans, (or love of sitting in highchairs while we drink coffee and chat!), but surely having kids shouldn’t mean you never get to enjoy the experience of eating out, or that you spend your life crawling around on church hall floors or confined to the chaos of softplay?? We also know that grandparents are increasingly spending more time with their grandkids during the week and also want to be able to enjoy a nice scone or coffee while doing so!

And so, after much brainstorming, the concept of “Crafty Play Café” was born! Launching initially at our Quarriers Village café on a Tuesday, Crafty Play Café will transform the raised mezzanine area of the cafe into a play café complete with soft matting; a mini circus tent for den building, dressing up clothes, books, games, jigsaws and age appropriate toys for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. High chairs, a bouncer and a play gym will also be available for babies.

Arts & Crafts

For older toddlers and pre-schoolers, colouring in will be provided on each table. For little ones with an interest in arts & crafts, craft materials will also be available for a small fee of  £2 per child, allowing parents and grandparents to spend time having creative fun with their wee ones.

Safety & Service

A stair gate will separate the play café area from the rest of the café – which will still function as usual for the rest of our customers – ensuring families in the play café area can relax while their children play without worrying about disturbing other guests or their child escaping! To ensure maximum safety for little crawlers and babies, counter service will operate in the play café with hot drinks served in compostable take away cups to prevent any hot spillages. Customers will collect food from a designated table within the play area to prevent unnecessary footfall by our team of waiting staff.

Book a Table Online

Tables in the Crafty Play Café will be bookable, either online by calling the café on 0333 344 7344, for sessions from 10am-midday; midday-2pm; 2pm-4pm. Walk-in customers will be warmly welcomed at any time although as we anticipate Crafty Play Café tables being in high demand, booking is advisable to secure a table as children seated outwith the play area will not be permitted to play in the play section without parental supervision.

Large Bookings (over 4 people)

Although the maximum booking size we can accept online is 4 people, we can accept bookings of up to 20 people by calling the cafe on 0333 344 7344.

Book now on 0333 344 7344

School Holidays

Although the toys and activities in our Crafty Play Area are be aimed at babies to pre schoolers, school age children will be welcomed during school holidays. We would ask parents to be mindful of the fact that the area is primarily for younger children and to ensure older children do not run around or behave in a way which may alarm younger children.