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A space for uninterrupted fun… gather together in a booth, stare out over the daydream inspiring scenery, tuck away with wifi, relax by candle light after dark- make Three Sisters Bake what works for you.

Serving up the awesome Artisan Roast coffee- a caffeine (or decaff) high in all it’s guises: Velvety, long and smooth; Short, snappy and straight to the point. However you take it, we are confident that it will become one of your favourite cups of coffee- we are utterly hooked!

Our deli cabinets are piled high with a wide range of vibrant, innovative salads, sandwiches, deli platters and breads. Daily changing soups, tarts and quiches who move with the seasons. Brunches, cakes & scones using fresh, local and colourful ingredients!

The cafe is family friendly with something to suit any age – ’99 hot chocolate and a healthy children’s menu for the little ones and a small but perfectly formed wine list for the big ones!!

When the glorious hour of 5pm strikes on a Friday evening and the sun sets on Quarriers village, we light the candles, draw the blinds and get ready for evening service. Transformed in to a twinkling den of delicious smells, the Cafe is the perfect backdrop for a relaxed Friday or Saturday evening out. The evening menu remains in keeping with the Three Sisters Bake informal dining ethos, offering a casual, enticing array of local, seasonal delights. Top it off with a glass of something sparkly or a warming bottle of red…we’ll happily ring you a taxi at home time.