Nicole and Kris get hitched

March 10, 2014 Linsey

Over the last few weeks, in the calm before the storm that looks to be 2014, we’ve been having a reminisce over some of the highlights last year presented us with at Three Sisters Bake. Without a doubt, most of our best memories come from a side of the business which we really focused on last year, and became more attached to than we expected; weddings.

We had the privilege of hosting and catering weddings at various unique and lesser known venues across the Greater Glasgow area. We met a number of fabulous couples and spent a lot of time with them over a really special, and also intense, period of their lives. There was nothing more exciting for us than sitting down with a newly engaged couple for an initial wedding consultation, to hear about their array of interesting and creative ideas regarding the décor, styling, food, cake, music, dress and so on and so on!


We host weddings in village hall style venues, so the couples who approach us to help coordinate their day tend not to be looking for a very traditional wedding set up. They need a blank canvas to play with and dress up exactly in the way they have envisaged as their perfect backdrop.


One couple who we met in 2012 and whose wedding we shared in summer 2013, were Nicole and Kris.  Nicole came laden with ideas about how to turn the Quarriers Village hall into a romantic, fun, informal venue space in which they could have a ruddy great knees up with their nearest and dearest! We came away from our first chat with Nicole and Kris completely buzzing about how we could work with them to turn their visions in to reality, and also create a cocktail reception and wedding feast to match this mental picture.


Both Nicole and Kris have full time, full on jobs, and for most of the week live in different cities, so when they turned up the day before their wedding with boxes full of stunning homemade decorations, stacks of vintage china, hand written place cards, baking for their cake table, vintage lace bunting and tiny favour jars of bon bons* I was in awe at the time they had found to ensure this wedding was not only GORGEOUS but had their personalities written all over it.


*Any of the afore mentioned got a look in only post ogling of AMAZING shoes. Still not over these shoes…


I could write an essay about each intricate detail of their day but I think the photos they just sent us over do a more concise job.


You can see why 2013 was so special for us- we were involved in days as beautiful and individual as Nicole and Kris’, but each one so personal to the couple in question, throughout the year.


We’re all agreed that there has been no bigger honour in our two years of business than being permitted to assist and access the most intimate day of a couples life. Thanks and lots of love to all our 2013 brides and grooms x



Beautiful moments caught on the cameras of Craig and Eva Saunders

Flowers by the lovely Endrick Blooms

Written by Linsey

March 10, 2014 Linsey

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